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Mustafa Azgan Şiirleri (70 ADET)
01 :I Washed With Your Smile02 :I was Brought Me to You03 :The Walls will Speak04 :Swan05 :Today
06 :Migratory Birds07 :This Rain08 :Roses will Rain09 :I Still in Kesan10 :Pink Snow
11 :Honey Touched12 :Dance of the Stars13 :I Cried to You14 :You had tracks15 :It Should Smell
16 :I Never Go17 :A Summer Night18 :Kiss19 :I Stay in Your dreams20 :Your owe a Thousand Kisses
21 :When will You Give ?22 :I didn't Expect23 :Look24 :Look at the Coming25 :You A Country, in My Heart
26 :Would You die with Me ?27 :Hug Me28 :I Wrote to the Account29 :I Must Die in September30 :Open and Show
31 :Is it starting again ?32 :Enjoy it33 :Pretty Girl34 :Mix, mix drink35 :I, know death
36 :We Try37 :In the Winter live the Spring38 :In an Autumn ...39 :Very Sugary40 :If you Come
41 :Let's Go42 :I will Move to43 :I am not Ready44 :My Love45 :Only You Exist
46 :Unknown Bus47 :I threw love, in the dump48 :Can't be Pretty than You49 :I Cried50 :The Villager is beautiful
51 :Blue Train52 :This is My passion for You53 :Picture54 :I getting Used55 :Why Don't You Show ?
56 :Hold from my hands57 :(My Love) Smells58 :The Rain Promised Me59 :Let's go My heart60 :Tears of
61 :Collect Septems Come62 :Like the taste of Your kiss63 :Avalanche64 :Kiss and heal65 :If i were a Painter
66 :First Love67 :Seen68 :Past Warms Me69 :There is Wedding70 :You will Go

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